Responsive code 2?

I’ve had my code 2 for 4 weeks. Yesterday it started to make a really loud noise (not the normal noise) when I threw a sleeper. It was also responsive. Anyone know why it is like this? If its something really easy to figure out, I’m sorry. Lol.

This has happened to most of my yoyos at one point or another. I just clean and blow out the bearing, and then put a pin drop of oil on it. Usually does the trick. Then I throw it some more :slight_smile:

it might be breaking in just keep playing it.

It’s really responsive. And I can’t put anything on the bearing because I’m at a boarding school and I don’t have anything here for it :confounded:

Hmmm is there any knots where the bearing is cause that can make it responsive cause when you bind you can sometimes get knots

Nope. No knots. I tried switching everything 3 times

Sounds like it needs a bearing clean. Since it seems like your currently unable to clean the bearing, do you have a bearing from another yoyo you can try in it?

You could clean it with dishwashing soap and water–just be sure to make sure it’s completely dry afterwards. At the very least, you could deshield it, and I’m sure someone’s got a can of compressed air you could use to blow it out.

The bearing that comes shipped with the 2012 YYF superstar, do you think that would work?

It’s the same size, so yeah, it’ll work.

It works perfectly. Thanks!