PSG mod?

does anyone know a way to add some weight to the psg? i just got one and i feel its a little too light or the response is a lil too loose? on a normal breakaway, the yoyo doesnt seem to be unwinding tight enough and hits the bottom of the string pretty viby and slow. if i throw if any harder i start getting elbow pain from trying to get a good strong spin any opinions or things i can do?

O-rings under the caps. Hardware store.

that sounds like a response issue, not a weight issue. Stock response on the psg is pretty poor, rip it out and put in some flowable/your favourite pads.

cool im giving the flowable silicone a try see if it turns out snappier on the binds. thanks for the help!

It will. I didnt like the og pads, they are slippery. You can wear it in a bit with one side sili and one side pad. Also, the weight ring will help the bind a bit, and add some heft and stability. I attached a picture of my adegle asteroid, with flowable and o-rings. PLays real nice, just gotta remember to tighten it good when you put it back together.

The asteroids caps were removable, the PSG’s were not.

Really? I doubt it, I have seen many picture of the caps off. They even had metal weigh rings made…

How hard was it to get your Asteroid caps out? 'Cause every time I try to take mine out I feel like I’ll bend the axle.

Easy, take the side with the axle, put the axle against something the you dont mind scratching/denting, and push the yoyo against the surface, keeping the force on the edges so that the bolt pushes against the cap. Other side: screw in the bare axle and repeat. I have done it many, many time without bending anything or affecting the play of the yoyo. If anything, opening it up and modding made it play better.

If you haven’t noticed, the axle is basically a bolt, you can easily replace it anyways.

Yeah I mean I’ve taken other yoyo’s caps out all the time but these just don’t seem to want to come out. I just wanted to know if you really had to man handle it to get 'em out.

Big Fat O-Rings. Find the size that fits for you.