PSG Questions


Well, I just got the PSG, and I think it’s a great yoyo (especially for the price), but I have some questions. What string does it some with? Can you take off the caps the same way you take off the caps of the YYF ONE (pushing the axle down to pop them off from the inside)?


It comes with kitty string


Bump! Still want to know about those caps.


As far as I’m concerned the caps can’t be taken out.

I wouldn’t even recommend taking out the caps because the weight will drastically reduce, which can possibly mean lower stability and spin time.


I have removed the caps from a PSG and from an Asteroid. I simply removed the bearing and tightened the axle til it pushed th cap out on one side, then used the axle pushing I against a hard surface to remove the other.


The caps are glued in, btw.


But they can be pressed back into place, mine fit fine and spin great, very snug fit. Do consider that this might not always be the case. It’s not designed for that purpose at least. So it’s something you perform at your own risk.


Thanks for the replies! I wasn’t planning on taking off the caps, I was just curious. :smiley: