Protostar's cap/pog things

So I was wondering how people take off the cap/pog things that says “Protostar” on thier Protostars withought using any machinery besides the simple hand tools (screw driver, hammer, etc.)

Screw past the arrows. Play hard.

Is there any other way using tools such as screwdrivers or awls to carve or pop it out instead of doing that? And also if not, is there a video or a tutorial on it? Thanks.

I wouldn’t recommend trying. The pogs are guled in and the only way to remove them is to cut them off.

How do you cut them off?

Since we’re talking about dismantling a skill toy, it would seem oddly appropriate to use a SkillSaw.

Mind you, I wouldn’t. I like my Protostar exactly the way it is and can’t think of anything I’d do different except when it comes time to change the response pads. When that happens, I intend to silicone my Protostar.

I wouldn’t recommend trying. It’s quite easy to do though.


Don’t bother, the axle may be threaded partially into them.

It’s not

Could anyone make a tutorial?

Sure. here it is:

How to remove the cap from a Protostar:

You’re welcome.

(same advice for a starlight, starbright and Northstar)

Not to sound like a jerk, but honestly, there’s no need to remove the cap. If you don’t like it, it’s going to be a really annoying and difficult project to remove it. It’s really recommended to leave it as it is.

I second that. Unless you really have to, there is not much point in removing the caps. Aesthetics wise, it’s not going to look that nice, with the axle sticking out. Play wise, getting the caps out might ruin the yoyo.

I was successfully able to take off the caps on my protostar and it plays well now but, the nuts that hold the axle in fall out very easily… Here is a link to the picture of my protostar with no more caps!