Broken Protostar !

Whats wrong with my protostar ?

Well, the side cap cracked open and now I cant take apart the yoyo, use it, or anything.

UPDATE 2/19/11
I’ve contacted YoYoFactory and they are sending me a brand new one. Thankyou all for the great help. Check out page 2 for more pics of the screwed up p.s.

Dont you Notice it has No Bearing? :smiley:

ready to be proved wrong ?

But that doesnt prove me wrong.
There is still no Bearing in your Protostar.

Anything else you would like to add ?

It looks like the cap is attached to the axle and the halves have slid together. I don’t know how you would go about fixing it. But thats what happened.

Yea. The cap just like, cracked and broke the whole yoyo.

Woah. Haha

Thats why i dont like plastics :stuck_out_tongue:

contact yoyofactory :wink:

Yes I see another difference. Your Caps are popped out. Haha

Whats not to like about plastics ;D

Dont limit yourself to only metals haha :wink:

I dont think you could do anything about it.

Plastic crack, metal bent.
both can be broken.
you can say metal is stronger, yes, but has higher price.

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how can I break open the yoyo ? I want to get the bearing and spacers out.


Do this. Just click this link, and make contact with them:

see if you can like maybe somehow pry the caps off and the axle may go off with it but thats all i can come up with so good luck unco sam

Lol. If they don’t reply within the next month, just take a hammer, and SMASH it.

Don’t smash it too hard you’ll ruin the bearing. Haha.

So you can say that you just wasted $5, instead of $10.


I would like to say that Codyjam was right in the very first place. You forgot to put the bearing in and tightened it up which is what popped the cap off. That is the only way that could have happened.

Happened to my protostar (original release from worlds :(( ) AND my starlight (got like 3 throws with it).

Total bummers. Still love yyf though.