Protostar I NEED HELP


So I was practicing with my yoyo for tomorrows contest and all of the sudden it starts making this really loud annoying sound

So I opened the yoyo and spun the bearing and it barely spins and the axle feels loose

Anyone know how to fix this QUICK


The bearing barely spins and it’s really loud… Is it responsive? If so then your bearing is about to lock up on you…


No Its still responsive and I think the axle is loose


Nevermind it is responsive and I don’t know how to take the spacer off


I need help from someone

I managed to open the bearing and the spacers together and my axle is extremely loose and I don’t know how to fix it!

I need this yo yo for tomorrow!

(Owen) #6

I’ll (probably) be there tomorrow, look for the Square Wheels Yoyo Company shirt. Ask me for a yoyo for your FS and you can use it plus back ups.


It seems like you need to clean your bearing. Also, I believe that Protostars have floating axles, which means that they’re not anchored. At times, it may feel loose. Or, you may have stripped some of the threads, in which case you either need to get the yoyo retapped, or get a new axle (depending on if the axle or the yoyo is stripped).

In short, try cleaning the bearing before you do anything else, and see if the problem is fixed.


Alright, forget about the axle for now.

First, get your bearing alone and deshielded. Use the rolling method to remove your spacer. Basically find something thin that gets thicker, like a paint scraper. Slide the thin part in and roll up to the thick part. Right. Now deshield your bearing and clean it. Well done!


Add some lube, screw the axle in…


It could be the bearing dying. It might just have some crap in it. Let’s first assume you are going to clean the bearing. However, there’s a nasty surprise inside: those spacers on the bearing, so you gotta get those off first:

Second, clean your bearing out with acetone. I know others say mineral spirits and lighter fluid. I like acetone, that’s what I use, that’s what I recommend.

Buy a can of compressed air, one of those office dusters. After you remove the bearing, you want to blast out any crud from your bearing.

Clean your bearing again.

How long does it spin in a flick ones dry? My standard is 20 seconds, but if you can get 10, the bearing is fine.

If you’re going to lube, do so very sparingly. Dip a needle or long pin into thin lube, touch that to 1 or 2 balls in the bearing, spin the bearing. The slow down should be minimal.

Re-shield the bearing, replace the spacers back into the bearing, put the whole spacer/bearing thing into the yoyo, screw back together and have fun.

If the bearing is still acting like that, get a new CBC CenterTrac


Deshield it first, then clean it, then dip a pin in some lube, shake off the excess, then touch the pin to a ball. After that, spin the bearing around on a pencil tip to get rid of any extra lube. Then you can put the shields back on the bearing (if you want to do that. This part’s all preference).

Just clarifying the lubing process a little bit :wink:

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This is probably a really noob question, but what do people mean by shields?


You know the balls in a bearing? If you can see them it’s deshielded. If you can’t and there’s this thing covering them, those are the shields, and you need to take them out.


The thing is that the spacers are still attached to the bearing

Can I just clean it with the spacers on?

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YOu can take a pocket knife or some other thing like that and get it between the spacer and bearing and wedge it out.


You cannot believe how many things I’ve stuck between the spacers to try to get them off

But nothing works


they are very simple to remove. take a pin or needle and then find the open part of the c clip. just pry the little c clip off and then the shield should come right off…


the video I posted shows how to do it:

HOWEVER. it is more difficult than that, so be patient and work your way around it.

This is precisely why we need more than 1 yoyo. And spare replacement pads. Last second stuff comes up all the time!


I’ve already seen the video but it isn’t helping me, my spacers must be on extremely tight