Quick Bearing question... sorry

Sorry I guys, I promise to delete this as soon as I get a answer. And yes I already looked in the search. So my protostar is breaking in (yay…not) and of course its semi-responsive. Don’t get me wrong I can still play with it. When its spinning really fast the sound seems to be normal but when it slows down quite a bit I start to hear crackling getting bigger and bigger. Then a little bit after that the bearing seems to just stop. I’m pretty sure this is normal I just wanna know if I should put thin lube in it. I kinda have a bad experience with thin lube so I’m kinda worried. Also the spacers are stuck on so I don’t wanna take them off. What should I do, take them off or just keep playing. Another thing I want to know is does gyros help the bearing break in?

Thanks guys and sorry.

Sorry for the DP but know my bearing wont spin at all. It wont even sleep for mor than a few seconds. Is my bearing dead?

I’m not an expert at yoyoing , but my guess would be its dead.
Buying a new bearing would probably be the best choice.
My yoyo just started making that weird noise to ,but it only happens randomly.
It came dry and I have been yoyoing for like a month.
I’m going to buy a new 1 soon.

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How new is this yoyo/bearing?

It sounds like there’s probably something in it and it needs to be cleaned then lightly lubed afterwards.

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Its my new Protostar. So its only like a week old. I’ve been playing it for like an hour staight and somtimes the bearing seems to break loose and actually spin but it still goes back to getting stuck. Also I can’t get the bearing out of the yoyo. Could this be a problem?

Oh and I have a broken die-nasty that has the bearing and spacers that are completely fine. If I can find a way to get the spacers and bearing out of my protostar I can switch them, right?

Take the bearing and soak it in some WD40 or some sort of lube overnite. Then clean it and give it a light lube and see how it comes out.

Here’s a vid on getting the spacers and bearing off your Die Nasty and Protostar:

I find that sharp knife works better than the pushpin, but it’s worth trying the pushpin first. If you do use a knife, exercise caution.

Once you get the bearing out follow jhb8426’s advice. To clean my bearings I personally like mineral spirits for soaking. Check the bearing for a hair or other object too - those wreak havoc on spin time.

OMG! I took off the spacer and the spacer that was stuck on the side of the bearing smells burnt and has a bunch of metal residue stuff on it. When I rubed my finger across that spacer my finger was black and silver. Is this bad?

Edit: I cleaned the spacers with a cotton swab then took the bearing from my Die-Nasty and put it in my Protostar. Works like new! Thanks guys for helping me!