my protostar became responcive

I dont know what to do my protostar is now responcive!!! and i cant take out the bearing and clean it because the spacer is stuck in the bearing


Just put some yoyojam lube in it and it will be fine.

no, that will just make it more responsive, even if it was thin lube. Thin lube only takes away thick lube. Unless you have thick lube in your bearing, it will make it more responsive. Than ou have to contact yoyofactory about the stuck bearing, the only way to get it unresponsive again would require taking out the bearing.

Thin lube is a good idea at this point. Dry bearings can be responsive from not being able to run smoothly. Remove the spacers, put a little bit of oil in the bearing, reassemble the yo-yo, and play it to break the bearing in.

Don’t lube it at this point. It’s going to mess it up. Probably a spacer is put in a wrong way and you have to get it out. So watch the video mrcnja posted. It may help you. :slight_smile:

Try lubing the bearing, it may help. But if it doesn’t, you’ll want to take the bearing and clean it, if not contact YYF.

But again, I think it’s the spacer. This problem has happened with almost all of my friends Yoyofactory spacer yoyos and all you got to do is see if the spacer is put in the wrong way. If not, try cleaning the bearing as a lot of people have already said.

my dad put regular lube not the yoyo kind and now it works perfect

Nice! What kind of lube?

Just curious.