Protostar responsive with lube

So I got a protostar and some kitty string as well as some Duncan thin lube to get free postage. Anyway, the protostar played pretty well and I was satisfied with it but I decided to put a bit of the (unresponsive) lube in it (like one drop) and it started to play responsively. I thought that I may just have to work the lube in so I kept playing with it but it still came back to my hand with a reseonable tug (around 10cm+).
I then cleaned out the lube completely and it went back to mostly unresponsive - it does come back with a huge tug but I can live with that. Anyway, do I just keep the bearing clean as it is or is there something that I am doing wrong or is this the fault of the Duncan lube?

Help please!!

One or two drops of lube thin lube is enough to make a bearing responsive. Try using a needle or a pin to get a smaller drop into the bearing. You only need 1/2 or 1/4 of a regular drop, any more and the bearing usually becomes responsive and the lube will have to be broken in

You’re playing your Protostar responsive. The protostar was made to be unresponsive. I would recommend getting a slim bearing - choose the Half SPEC bearing. Other than that, I would agree with the above.

Sorry, I don’t think you understand. I know the protostar was made to be unresponsive. And I want it to play unresponsive as well. It’s just that when I put a small amount of unresponsive lube in it, it became responsive. I want to know what went wrong.

Thanks a lot for replying. I tried doing what you said and it became responsive again. The thing is though that I never used a solution to clean out the bearing after putting to much lube in, I just used paper, tissue and air. This means that there probably was around 1/4 of a drop of lube in it anyway. So I mostly cleaned out the bearing, again just with tissues and air so it probably has around 1/4 of a drop in it and plays unresponsively enough.

Thanks for the tip

Thin lube, while advertised to be less responsive, is not unresponsive. Lubing a yoyo will make it a bit responsive regardless of what you use. Clean it, dry it and try again (sparingly)

Oh, I got it.

Clean the bearing with lighter fluid or mineral spirit, then try again. Cleaning the bearing with paper is okay if you know what you’re doing, but it’s mostly only effective to clean up gunk instead of absorbing lube. Be careful with tissue because some of the fiber may get inside and lock up the bearing.

Thanks for the tips. I think I’ll just leave it how it is right now though because she is behaving now