YYF Protostar Dropped twice, more pronounced bearing noise

I got my protostar about a month ago brand new, and noticed more bearing noise out of the box then I was used to. It’s my first unresponsive, and not uncommon, I’ve heard. But I dropped it twice on a craft store while I was measuring it for a “Bloop” knockoff I was making. The next time I threw it, it was a LOT louder. I had never taken it apart, but have gone through about 20 strings on it.
After ordering a DV888, I decided to pull it apart. The bearing is firmly attached to one of the bearing seats (I think that’s the term). And no part comes completely apart from their respective halves without more force than I’m willing to give it.

Having never disassembled it before it made more noise, I don’t know what about this is common, or not. Any help is appreciated. And I apologize if this topic has been covered before, but I’ve done a fair bit of searching and couldn’t really come up with anything other than cleaning the bearing (which I have all the ingredients for other than the thin lube, though I have the Yomega brain lube that I used back in the day)

okay just im tired of all these threads of “my bearing makes a weird noise is is broke” no offence to you its just to many threads of there bearings making sounds.
okay so that “bearing” seat is a spacer. when the bearing spins does it make a stuttering noise, for example i makes a noise then like does a jitter then makes the noise again. if so the balls in the bearing just got out of place and it will go back to normal after playing for a while. so dont worry because if its just making the same loud noise and doesnt make a jittering sound, its just the noise the bearing makes and theres no problem with it.

What sound? a ssssssttsss… or… oh god this is hard…
If it just sounds louder, then you should lube…

Protostar spacers and bearings are typically fit together so tightly that they are very difficult to separate. There is a youtube vid from YYF on how to get the spacer off the bearing. Even with that technique I gave up rather than cause damage, only to find the next time I opened it that the spacer was now stuck in the other half of the yoyo, so I could at least access the bearing from one side.

The CenterTrac bearing is quite noisy out of the box, also got quite a bit louder on me shortly after purchase, but now is quieter (or I got used to it). I did manage to get a small drop of thin lube into it through the shield, which may have helped a bit.

Agreed. But the question remains because everyone is new once. I wouldn’t have even brought it up except that it occurred directly after dropping, something I’d never done to it before.

Thank you, and I will attempt that.

dude he just wanted some help

The center-track bearing is loud, and the ProtoStar is loud no matter what bearing you put in it. I suggest a drop of thin lube if you want it quiet again. It’s really nothing to worry about though. :wink:

Yeah… calm down. Just ignore it if you don’t want it anymore. He needs help, and he doesn’t need you on his case. lol

The protostar center trac bearings make noise, period. Although lubing it does help, Tyler Serverance once shared this little bit of advice: put a little bit of chapstick into the bearing (just a miniscule bit) and it should help with the noise. However please note that any attempts to quieten down the noise the bearings make is only a little.
I have a blue transparent protostar and the noise is something that I have gotten used to already so long as it does not affect the play of it (or if it disturbs the neighbors,just practice in a sound proof bunker).

And I’m tired of people having terrible grammar.

No offense to you, just to many people that are to lazy to put a period or a comma where it should be, or press the shift key every now and again.

Okay, all good information. Basically, just don’t worry about the noise. I can live with that. I wonder if the yo-yo halves magnify the sound of the bearing? Someone had mentioned that they are just loud no matter what bearing. I guess that’s the price one pays for such great play.

not true, you can easily change out the bearing for a lubed one. which means it will be slightly responsive at first but once you break it in the yoyo will spin quite and smooth as well as keep your bearing in good health. you can replace it with a 10 ball which comes pre-lubed or buy a spec and lube it yourself because unfortunately i dont think they sell them lubed anymore.

I see that I need to take myself to bearing school.

Err. I have a ProtoStar myself and I have had the same problem.
Try …

  1. Cleaning/lubing your bearing


  1. Your spacers are grinding against the inside of the yo-yo where the spacer is normally rested against. This could account to your noise problem but I have found that when my spacer gets FIRMLY attached to my bearing in my ProtoStar it makes the spacer grind against the cap. After a bit of yo-yoing you’ll find some black marks in the hole where the spacer is supposed to be and some metal flakes from where the spacer grinded against it. Definitely use a flathead screwdriver or a pin to remove the spacer so that you won’t have this problem in the future.

some people dont have time for that Q