Bearing Problem


So I was playing with my ProtoStar, and the nearly brand new string broke and the yoyo hit the ground. I restrung it, but now I have a problem. The bearing (Center Trac) is super loud, and it has way more vibe, and binding is a lot tighter. I really don’t have any problem with spin time (I got a two minute spin on it after the bearing started acting up) and I can still play with it for sure. Should I clean the bearing? I am starting to think that the bearing might not be the problem though. I put the CT I have on my DV888 on the ProtoStar momentarily, and the same thing happened. I put the Protostar’s CT on my DV888 and I had no problem. I put the bearings back on the yoyos they were on previously. The sound and vibe was still going on on the ProtoStar, and there was no problem with the DV888 (of course). Is the Protostar messed up?


P.S. I guess this thread should be called “Random Sound and Vibe Problem”, LOL.


Vibe is probably a result of the collision with the ground.


But what about the loud noise? And how might I fix this problem? Anyway, why would vibe be causes by the yoyo hitting the ground?


Well the inner bearing race probably got bent out of shape due to shock during the yo yo collision.


So I am now all but completely sure that the ProtoStar is the problem. The CT on it doesn’t run completely smooth, but even with a CT that is in perfect shape, it make the crazy loud noise, and it has little vibe. With the CT that doesn’t run totally smooth on my DV888, there wasn’t much of a problem. Oh well, looks like my ProtoStar just isn’t in the greatest shape anymore…(sigh)…


did you perhaps overtighten it? Vibe isn’t a big deal. I have a protostar with insane vibe from the PO overtightening it, but it still plays like a champ. If it still works, I wouldn’t bother trying to fix it.


Take it apart and inspect each half. Are there any cracks?


The bearing seat or the axle probably got damaged. And judging from what you have done to trouble shoot, looks like the yo-yo is stuck like that. Sorry buddy. At least it is not totally unplayable.


Throw in a 10-ball? Assuming it doesnt act up and decides to screech…


Changing the bearing probably will not have a huge impact on the vibe issue.


Actually, last night, before I read this post, I and my dad were inspecting the ProtoStar to get to the bottom of this. We thought that it could be the spacers, a bent axle, anything really…

Until my dad discovered it. There are a bunch of tiny cracks right near the bearing seat, only on one side. Ugh, I guess my ProtoStar really is broken…oh well. I am starting to reconsider getting the OneStar…


The Surge is a better option though.

But the Onestar is acutally better than the protostar in my opinion.


Well like I said, even with vibe, the protostar still plays great. Now you have a throw that doesn’t matter if you drop it. You can now 4a or 5a with it. ;D


The OneStar is made of celcon, which is more durable and impact resistant than polycarbonate.

I don’t think you should even waste a second reconsidering your purchase of the OneStar. However, if you’re gonna go slamming yoyos into the ground, any yoyo can break, including metals. But your issue wasn’t caused by intentional behavior: A new string broke.

I’d been more interested in why the string broke. It was new, so I wonder what the issue was.


I am actually going to get both. I am super glad to hear that you think that the OneStar is better than the ProtoStar though!


Hmm…4A with that big of a gap? I like the idea of 5A with it though…


I am definitely happy about the plastic of the OneStar. I don’t really like the shape of my One, but I love the plastic.

I really don’t know why it broke. My dad said it was probably a flaw in the string, which make sense since it is the cruddy bulk string on YoTricks.


Well you can put a slim bearing in it. Or do go west or sumo with it. I actually learned basic 4a with a slim bearing phenomizm.


Yeah the Onestar can go WAY faster.

You can really do some speedy stuff with it.