Vibey protostar

I just siliconed my Protostar, and now the bearing is super loud and it’s all vibey. Any reasons why and what I can do? D:

Did you get any silicone in the bearing? Are you sure the vibiness (what?) is from the yoyo and not just your throw?

Yeah not my throw this time. The spin time decreased too… D:

Then it’s silicone on the bearing. Why do you need to silicone the ProtoStar when it uses silicone response in the first place?

x52? It uses K-pads. And now I found out that after cleaning my bearing, the spin time decreased. What should I do?
edit it became more quiet too. D:

K-Pads are silicone, but their pads so. I would try lubing the bearing. Or if that doesn’t work, check if theirs anything in the spacers.

Oh great. Now the problem is when I screw my yoyo, i feel like i need to over tighten it in order to meet the arrows. And when I screw it, I have the feeling of twisting against the plastic and the spacers get stuck to the bearing when I unscrew the yoyo again. T_T I’m getting seriously frustrated about it already…

The arrows don’t have to match. Don’t overtighten it.

That what happened to my ProtoStar which caused it to vibe too much. The axle is messed up somehow, you have to tune it I guess. I don’t know a whole lot about modifications. But I do know the vibe problem has to do with the axle.

i own a siliconed protostar. theres no vibe. must be the bearing. How long do you shake the bearing when cleaning? What do u use to clean it? Switch out for another bearing and test it out

Nah the bearing is fine. It can spin like usual. Should be the axle I guess? Not too sure. Any ways I can restore it?