malevolent protostar


my protostar makes my bearings sound like they’re filled with dirt and super responsive. it also produces alot of grease on one spacer, the one bearings get stuck on and are hard to take off. can i do and thing for it or buy a new one and place the old one in the sentimental memories pile?


It sounds to me like the bearing could benefit from being cleaned, as well as the spacers.

Take the yoyo apart, pry off the spacers CAREFULLY and then remove the bearing, de-shield it and clean it using mineral spirits or lighter fluid. Dry it completely while spinning it and spraying in compressed air. When completely dry, lightly lube it using a thin lube such as YYF Performance Oil, YYJ Thin Oil(my preference) or One Drop VM4. You won’t even need a full drop. Replace the shields if you desire(my recommendation is to replace the shields) and then replace the bearing.

Otherwise, another option might be to replace the bearing.

Mine makes a lot of noise too. Doesn’t sound as bad as yours. I’m doing some bearing cleaning this weekend. I got my Protostar used. However, I don’t think the original owner even threw this much at all, so I think the bearing just needs a good cleaning.

You may also want to use the mineral spirits to clean the spacers as well. Use a paper towel to dry everything, bearing too, at least to wick out the bulk of the mineral spirits or lighter fluid.

Check this video:


the problem is i can clean bearings and all but if i pop a new one in it gets messed up by the protostar. im asking if theres anything i can do to cure it like replace the spacers. i dont know how to remove the spacers because they seem fixed in the yoyo


I took apart my new Northstar and my used protostar and the bearings didn’t come out so easy. I bet if I used my needle nosed pliers, I could remove the one from under the bearing.

They sell replacement spacers and bearings. It’s an option. I’d have to see what others say.


Just replace the spacers, they come out of the yoyo pretty easily with a pair of needle-nose pliers. Another (better) option is to send it off to modder to accept spr’s