separating protostar bearing and spacers


I got my protostar a month ago and the bearing just doesnt come out and its time for a good cleaning. Help me!


you need to use pliers


Use pliers. If not, purchase a YYF Bearing Removal Tool.


don’t get the bearing removal tool. it won’t help you at all. Use this video.

YYF won’t steer you wrong on their own product.

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my protostar has a center track bearing (of course) and i need to clean it really badly. if i try to take it off there are two metal discs on each side making it impossible to take of the sheilds and therfore impossible to clean. does anyone know how to remove these discs? please help


they r called c clips just take a small safety pin and push it under one end of the c clip and pop up it should pop right off dont loose it and the shield should pop right off do this to both sides


Although, I must note that you do less damage to the spacers if you use a pocket knife.


Yeah I would recommend using a pocket knife, or a butter knife