Protostar Bearing Removal How to HELP!!

My protostar yoyo had been working fine, but then the bearing got clogged up with hair. It is responsive, and I need it for the MN state contest this weekend! I am not sure how i am supposed to remove it, the axle and bearing are all on one side. Should I take the axle off? and how should I take off botht the axle and bearing? I dont need to take of the spacer, I need to get my bearing cleaned. I’ve tried pliers, and will not have time to get a bearing removal tool.
Please Help!

You need to use a pin or something else to wedge between the bearing and the spacers.

This might help:


BTW: my kid got his bearing clogged with hair. Remove it and you’re good again.

Thanks, but i can take the spacer off. The bearing is stuck on the yoyo, and i need to know what Im supposed to do to take that off. And hopefull not wreck it in the process :wink:

To take the spacer off you need to get a butterknife and wedge it between the spacer and bearing.


It’s stuck on the spacer on the other side. Try to follow the pointers given to get it unstuck. You might have to use a pliers (gently) to get the other spacer out of the yoyo so you can work on it.