Broken Protostar spacers.

So I eventually got the bearing off the yoyo, but now I think the real problem is the spacers. How in the world do I get them out of the yoyo, and where can I buy new ones? Even YoyoFactory’s website doesn’t have them.

get a needle and pry them out. Email "" and ask them where you can buy new ones.

The spacers aren’t supposed to come out of the yoyo.
Leave them in there.

I need to replace them.

What exactly happened to them

They are rubbing against the bearing, I believe. When I spin the bearing extremely hard, it spins only for 1-2 seconds.

It could be the bearing. Is there any damage on the spacers?

Yes. They are nocked and stripped. If the bearing is the problem, I am planning on ordering 2 new bearings anyway, and I oiled the bearing, cleaned it, and it still has too much friction.

I can’t really see any damage from the pictures. I could be wrong though.
What did you clean the bearing with? Also, after cleaning a bearing, it will be responsive for a little, and will need breaking in time.

Well, perhaps a bit responsive, but 2 seconds? I think his bearing is messed up. Yes, what did you clean it with?

Just some thin lube.

You’re going to want to clean the bearing by soaking it in mineral spirits. If there’s gunk in the bearing, thin lube won’t always clean it out.

Take a look at this for more information:,871.0.html

If you have more questions, ask away.

The Yoyoexpert is helping me get some new spacers, and I think it’s a spacer problem. I’ll clean the bearing also. Thanks for all the help. ;D