Stuck spacer and bearing

My brother’s PGM’s spacer is stuck to the bearing, so we can’t take just the bearing out. It looks like this when you unscrew it:

___ Spacer
| | bearing
[rest of yoyo half]

If you take a butter knife and wedge it between the spacer and bearing it will come out…

Follow this:

You can use what he uses in the video too.

Just make sure you go around it slowly separating the spacer from the bearing, the spacer will look damaged… Don’t worry, it doesn’t make the yoyo not work. :smiley:

Seems to be a rash of these lately…


Some people forget about the search bar. :stuck_out_tongue:


They have always fit tight.

Unless you need to, don’t take it apart.

Its a compromise we make for performance and we know everyone wont be happy with that but thats why its a compromise.

This happens to me, i had to buy a new pair ( I didn’t know about spacers ) I use a small flat head screwdriver.

Is the bearing meant to be lubed or cleaned, with the spacers on?

I bought a protostar a while back and when I took it apart the spacers would always stay in place and it was easy to pop the hearing out. I sold that and recently bought the new protostar with the clear/gold glitter and gold weight ring and when I took it apart both slavers came off with the bearing and I was to worried about causing a vibe so I left it. I just wanted to put a 10 ball in cause plastics are kinda loud. Now im just leaving it though cause like I said I dont want to mess it up. When. It needs a cleaning then im gonna have to though :(…

PS stuck spacers or not this new protostar is freaking beautiful.

It’s very difficult to get any lube in the bearing w/the spacers on.