Northstar Spacer Problem

My Northstar is perfect except for when ever I try to take my bearing out to clean it, the spacer comes out with it. Is there any way I can prevent this?

There’s is no need to prevent it, you can just pop off the spacer by wedging a butter-knife between the spacer and wiggling it.

Hope this helps.

I’ve been doing that but every once and a while it gets like really stuck.
Thanks for the suggestion though! Is there any way to prevent it getting really really stuck?

What do you mean really really stuck?

Like so stuck I can’t get it off with a butter knife.

Did you glue it on?

I’m not sure why it would do that, are their burs sticking out from it? It shouldn’t have this problem, did you recently silicone the yo-yo? This could cause the spacer and bearing to stick together,

I think this is a good guess because you said you need to clean the bearing.

No I haven’t recently siliconed it but I like to do a regular bearing cleaning with all my yoyos and with this Northstar when I try to take it off either the whole spacer comes out or the bearing doesn’t come off it’s not a big deal because it doesn’t affect play but i would like to get it off for cleaning.

Hmm, not sure a what to do about that.

It’s ok thanks for the help though!

I had the same issue with my grind machine. It got slightly mangled during one of the removals so I CAREFULLY filed down the areas it was chewed. Then I decided to again CAREFULLY remove more of the spacer to make it fit well but also easier to remove. Good luck and if uncomfortable doing something don’t do it. (guitar picks work well to unwedge things as they are usually plastic)

The YYF spacers in my Protostar, Northstar and PGM are extremely tight. The same is true with the Starlight one of my kids has and the Protostar another kid has.

I strongly feel YYF needs to back off a teeny bit on the tolerances. It’s plastic with a spacer, so it’s already going to vibe a tiny bit. I can’t really see their logic behind the spacers being so tight to the bearing. I know they say it’s a performance thing, but come on, it’s spacers in a plastic yoyo, so we already are going to have some vibe anyways.

Ya I know what you mean I just wish try could mold the plastic to make a plastic bearing seat :confused: that would be a big innovation in plastic yoyos

Plastic has more chances of being molded incorrectly. It’s probably cost effective. Like I said my grind machine is my smoothest plastic and I had the most trouble with it. After messing with it for weeks it is without vibe, comes apart easily, only when you want it to and is not as grabby as when first purchased in December. I am sure that YOYOFACTORY has tons of these spacers and when supply is low we may see a different yet similar design.

I don’t think there is a way to prevent it, I’ve had the same problem with my ProtoStar. I don’t exactly remember how, but I broke off the spacer that was attached to the bearing to separate them, then ordered new spacers. It gets really annoying though. Maybe try not to ever tighten the yoyo too much?

The spacers are just too perfectly sized for the bearing. The come fresh out of the box stuck on there. My counter attack, grind machine and north star all had same problem. No need for new spacer unless you destroy the ones it came with.

Plastic bearing seats don’t perform too well. Also, like that one guy said, it has a greater chance of being molded incorrectly.

Ya what i meant was do it right every time but thanks guys. So no known way to stop the bearing from really sticking?

I have filed (sanded) down the spacers and I can remove my bearing as I need/want. Be very CAREFUL in doing this or you will need to BUY new spacers. The nub that goes into the bearing is where it gets stuck. Good luck.


yoyofactory has a tutorial on this.