Yoyofactory yoyos with spacers bearing description

should say: The C sized bearing that it comes with only, because you aren’t going to be removing these spacers.

Seriously, this is my first YYF yoyo with spacers and it’s ridiculous. I haven’t used every tool I can find yet, but I don’t see anything removing them after I used a flathead screwdriver that fit in the gap perfectly. Anybody have any suggestions?

I used a needle and pried it between the bearing and spacer in several locations. Came off fairly easy. You can also try using a pocket knife. But as always, be very careful.

Well, you haven’t said what yoyo it is yet. Also, I got a spacer out of my Ooch Yo by dropping it :P. On accident of course.

It’s one of the new Protostars.

Oh yeah, I have one of those. Just open it and close it a bunch of times. Sometimes they stick to the bearing, sometimes they don’t. At least, that’s what happens with mine.

Does this help? Have you watched this yet?

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I hear YYF is redesigning their spacers so that they don’t have the “grip of death.” I sure hope they are.

Chris was talking snap fit. I sure do hope so. Might buy some plastics then :slight_smile:

Yeah, I’ve seen it. I wish it were that easy. It’s obvious that the spacers in that video had been taken out already and they put back in lightly. I’ve been a little busy since I first posted this but I’m about to get back to it now.

First I use knives to get them up a little bit, then i use a paperclip to get them up all the way.

I had to pry the spacers off my kid’s Protostar to clean out the bearing(it was full of hair clippings from playing in a barber college). The video was a reference only.

I’m cool with a snug fit. It would appear YYF is listening though. I haven’t taken apart my 2013 SuperStar, but my Shutter’s bearing removes with minimal effort with the use of a bearing puller. This is acceptable. If they can do this with spacers too, that’s gonna make a LOT of people really happy!