Help ! Protostar neon caps too tight !


As said above… Man i wanna clean my bearing first when i received my protostar neon but when i attempt to take those caps off it was too tight !!!

how do i remove them ? need help asap !


first off, using * to replace profanity is not tolerated here. please remove that from your post.

I’m not sure i understand what you mean. Do you mean that you cannot unscrew the yoyo, or do you mean that you can not get the spacers off of the ball bearing?


Are you referring to the little metal plates stuck on either side if the bearing? Those are called spacers.

Stick a flat head jewelers screwdriver in the gap and slowly pry it off. Make sure to go slow and pry it off with care.


Watch this video. It covers most YYF plastic yoyos that use spacers. This applies to the Protostar as well.



sorry bout that, i was getting too frustrated. what i meant was unscrew the yoyo out i i had done it last night (by brute force, LOL) and now having problem to take out the spacers off the ball bearing.


Welcome to YoYoFactory plastics. They do make fantastic plastic yoyos. YYF is known for the bearings being tight to either the spacers in the case of plastic yoyos, or else the bearing is tight to the bearing seat in their metals. It’s annoying, especially when you have to unscrew the yoyo and then have to pry the spacers off the bearing to clean it out or otherwise service it. Don’t worry, the marks on the spacers are OK, they won’t affect performance in any way.

Again, YYF makes great stuff. I really like my Protostar, Northstar and many others.