the spacer on my northstar is stuck on top of my bearing and i am having trouble getting it off, i have tried taking a thumbtack to it to separate them from each other but i am not having any luck any other methods to go about doing this would be great!

Use pliers to remove the bearing… and then use tweezers to peel off the spacers? I’m not really sure what you mean… where’s the yoyo in relation to all this?

Using a thumb tack to separate the bearing from the spacer is the accepted technique. You just need to be somewhat forceful.

Putting it in the freezer for a bit might shrink the parts enough to help.

Not the same situation as I was, but don’t be afraid to use a little force. These bearing are tough stuff and are “unlikely” to break that easily.

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For yoyofactory plastics, the bearing is not stuck onto the yoyo. The bearing is stuck to the spacers before being put into the yoyo. You can get the bearing out of the yoyo easily, but it is really difficult to get the spacers off.

Are the spacers the same as the ones in the FAST 201? I use a small flathead jewelers screwdriver. You can also use the small phillips screwdriver that comes with Tech Decks. Instead of poking at it straight on, turn the driver sideways so one of the 4 star thingy’s is parallel with the space between the bearing and spacer Like this: =+

it takes a bit of force, but once it’s in the space you get good leverage from the screwdriver. It’s pretty easy once you understand what I mean. It’s hard for me to explain.