Are the north star spacers supposed to come out

They can.

Are they stuck in the sides or on the bearing?

To get it off the bearing just take a butter knife and wedge it between the bearing and spacer, it should come off, don’t worry about damaging the spacer, it’s fine.

Not sure about if it’s stuck on the side.

If Studio42 replies to this he can answer my question. :stuck_out_tongue:

Will a freezer work to get a spacer out of the side?


Did someone page me?

The spacers in the Northstar, Protostar, Starlight and Starbrite are a major pain in the butt to remove. Tolerances aside, that’s not tight tolerances, that’s “just too tight”.

There’s a bunch of methods for removing the spacers. Needle, pin and razor don’t tend to work too well, the metal in the pin, need or razor is often not stiff enough to do some major work. A butter knife is one of the better options.

I haven’t tried the freezer method. Its worth trying. Take your bearing and spacers, toss it in the freezer for 30 minutes, then try to use the butter knife. It works for other yoyos, it could work here too. The spacers is aluminum, the bearing is steel. The concept is the same as freezing a metal yoyo, for the same reason. The aluminum supposedly shrinks more in cold, just enough to help you get it out.

YYF says that don’t worry about the marks on the spacers, it’s cosmetic and will not affect performance.

As far as getting the spacers out if they are stuck in the sides… no clue. Needle nose pliers can do some amazing stuff, so I hear.

YYF needs to stop with the tolerance angle. It’s crap. Yes, we want minimal vibe, preferably none. Tight, yes. Stuck = wrong. Make the spacer a tiny bit smaller where it meets the bearing.

Oh well then I guess I am just out of luck because they are stuck in the side and I have tried using pliers

Is it the side with the axle? Try putting the bearing back in. Otherwise, is there a problem? Is there a need to remove the spacer? If so, what is the need and why?