Spacers stuck in northstar

i got them out of my protostar with pliers, but that damaged them, and now they dont work well at all, so anyone got any tips to remove spacers without damaging them? I’ve already removed the bearing, the spacers are just stuck in there little socket things.

I use pliers as well, I keep them open and stick the nose of one half into the hole on the space, and then just wiggle it till it comes out

thanks, but any methods that don’t require the use of pliers?

The method I’ve described is the only I can think of… I use pliers because they are handy in my case. If you can find anything else that’s sturdy and can fit in the little spacer hole then that would work as well

Usually, I use the axle to get them out. If you have removed the axle, then just stick it in the hole from the outside of the yoyo. It should grip the spacer and push it out.

How do you get the axle out of the Northstar? It feels like it has been superglued in!

Double nut method

Did that. Doesn’t work.

You would actually have to break off the inner caps that say northstar on them. They are glued on and under those are the axle and nut. Not a good idea I might add.

Weird, I got mine out that way.

That’s weird.

Why take them out? And if you need to use a dowel.

I think I’ll do that.
Just one question… What’s a dowel?

A dowel is a little wooden stick.

Oh. I really feel dumb.

had the same problem with a northstar and a protostar also :frowning: i just got new spacers lol and remembered to regularly lube my bearing