Protostar Spacers Stuck

Is there any way to get the spacers out of a protostar? They are NOT stuck on the bearing, they are stuck on the halves of the yoyo. Can they come off, or are they stuck there?

take a small screwdriver. One time my fiesta bearings shields and cclip came out in the half and i used a screwdriver.

same you just put it in the hole and just slightly pry it off

I used pliers. One end in the hole, the other on the outside. Pinch and remove.

yeah the spacers can be remove by using pliers

Are there treads on the plastic? Or just on the spacer?

there are threads in the plastic

Or more correctly, there are steel nuts embedded in the plastic body.

I got one out with the screw driver thing so thx :slight_smile: But how do you get the one out on the side with the axle in it?

Dont use pliers to take out the spacers. You’ll reshape it and then you cant put the axle into the yoyo.

I grab the inside of the spacer, in the hole, so I don’t make weird marks.

BTW, you can unscrew the axle and take out the spacer.