Anybody know how to remove protostar death spacers?


Without breaking them preferably. My bearing in this guy needs a solid clean but the spacers just won’t let go

(Spinworthy Glen) #2

Pretty much impossible. I used a flat head screwdriver but it damaged them a lot.

Those spacers are one of the worst designed parts I’ve seen in a yoyo.


if the bearing is stuck on the side without the axle, you can use the axle to wiggle the bearing off a bit. the yeti video has some methods


I don’t understand why YYF keeps making more runs but not updating the design.

Anyway you can pry it out with a flathead or a pin, it’ll dent them a bit but won’t break them so it’ll still be usable.




I shared this in another thread - Find a tiny flathead screwdriver and just pry them off gently. Like @andy569 said it may dent the spacers a little, but they’ll still work fine.


I just bought extras, whenever I need to take the bearing out I just replace them. Too much of a headache trying to get them off without any damage.


Use a thin knife, I prefer the blade from a box cutter. Just be very careful while doing so.


Wouldn’t prying with a razor blade just chip the blade?


Depends on the type of blade. A kitchen knife might chip, but blades from box cutters are generally more flexible.


I’ve chipped/broke a few trying to pry things in the past, but that might have just been corners now that I think about it. I always just think of them as too fragile for anything other than cutting. I’ll have to give it a shot next time.