How to Remove Spacers Attached to Your Bearing

This comes up occasionally. People will say, I need to lube my bearing but these cap things are stuck to my bearing!

Here is what to do to remove those caps which are known as “spacers.”

First, what you will need:

A yoyo taken apart with a stuck spacer on top. It looks like this>

A flathead screwdriver or anything flat enough to wedge in between the spacer and bearing.

Get your tool, and wedge it in like this

Wiggle up and down, and it should start to look like this>

Keep going up and down until it comes off, if it doesn’t then go pry the screwdriver into the opposite side where the spacer is still stuck.


And that’s all! Hope you achieve your goal, PM me if it doesn’t come off.

The spacers, if you used a metal tool or something hard, will come out looking a little scraped.

But it should not effect play ;).

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You could probably use yoyo string to pull the spacer off the bearing also. That way it won’t damage the spacers.

Doesn’t sound like you’ve had to deal with YYF spacers. Them puppies are TIGHT!

Nice guide, though. But be careful holding the bearing like that when taking off the second spacer. That’s an easy way to jam that screwdriver into your finger.

Yeah, I’m careful :P.

String? No way these things are TIGHT!

guilty , I jammed a jeweler’s screwdriver in to my thumb it bled a whole lot more then I thought it would
So now I’m using the prototype of my latex covers pliers they also can take off a stuck bearing on the tightest of bearing seats ( yyf)

I believe the only yyf throw I have had with spacers is the one star. I’ve never taken it apart yet. But I’ll see about it.

They don’t have spacers ::)…