Bearing seat problem?

So I got this Starlite by trade (love it) but after about a day of play it got super responsive. It is not the bearing. I put the bearing in the seat/spacer and it didn’t spin, but it did in the other side. What does this mean? Help me?

Buy a new set of spacers since maybe you scratch your old set buy mistake

ugh. Is that my only option?

no but you need to figure out what the problem is. get a good look at the thing. does it have gunk in it? or maybe it is warped? or possibly has some burr on the metal. could be some silicone or sticker residue in there.

Did you check the bearing before putting it in?

The spacers would have to be really messed up to cause the bearing to not spin. Also, the spacers are hard to take off the bearing since someone decided “spacers tight to the bearing are a good thing, now go tear the heck out of the spacer to get it off the bearing when you want to do maintenance”.

Honestly, check the bearing first. Maybe clean out the bearing. The next step would be spacers. YYE has what you need for this yoyo in regards to replacement parts.

The play using effected on “one” of my pairs. These are for a PGM.

They don’t need replacing unless you bent or smash the spot where the bearing attaches.

The bearing does spin for a good second when I flick it on the bad side. On the other it spins freely. I think I am going to try taking out the spacers and cleaning them with soap and water.

If that doesn’t work I can just get new ones

MAKE SURE THEY DRY COMPLETELY. Using water is not the best thing but is not bad if you dry them COMPLETELY.

Take a picture and we can help you. Rubbing alcohol will work better than soap and water.

Okay I will when I do it. How do i take the spacers out of the sides?

To remove the spacers from the bearing, use a push pin:

These days, YYF has a death grip on the bearing from the bearing seat or spacers, so it’s not that easy anymore.

Now, to remove the shields from a bearing:

That’s the basics of it. Some bearings are harder than others to remove. I’ve found YYF bearings to be rather easy to remove the C-clips from, of which I am very thankful for!

They do have a DeathGrip. O it makes me shiver :).

Welcome to YYF!

I had a tough time removing the spacers from my kid’s Protostar, but I got them off. I cleaned out his bearing(it was full of little hair clippings), put it all back together and it was fine.

I have a different problem. No death grip on my yoyo, te bearing comes out easily, but the spacers are still in the two halves of the yoyo… It was a trade, so maybe he did aomething

Pictures?? If you can’t get em out just get a que-tip and dip it in rubbing alcohol, and rub them thoroughly.

Problem fixed! Thanks guys! Really appreciate it.

YYF really needs to name their next throw “The Deathgrip”.

How did you fix it? What was causing it?

I’m not quite sure. I did the Q-tip this and it fixed. I’m guessing it was some leftover flow able silicone from a while ago

That would do it. Glad it’s working for you again. I’d say just go ahead and do that again after you silicone that yoyo just to be safe.