My bros grind machine

He’s had it for a few months now and hasn’t bees able to use it with the exception of 2 or 3 throws, literally… The spacers keep grabbing on to the bearing and come off with it, then take a rediculous amount of effort to remove. This adversely effects the bearing by not allowing it to spin rendering the yoyo about as useful as trying to throw a rock on a string… I’ve tried repairing it with new bearings and spacers but it didn’t change anything… Any ideas?

i had this same problem, what you do is when the spacer comes off with bearing run a knife in the groove where the bearing meets the spacer. put the knife in that groove and put it on a table and push down hard.this should loosen the bearing from the spacer and let you pop it off.

Thanx!.. But how do I keep it from happening again?

take a file or some sand paper and file down the sides of the spacers a bit. not to much though. this will make em a bit looser. (i like it when people give me thankyous)


That sounds like a good idea… And as for a thank you, you got it!

cool hope this helps! :wink:

The bearing sticking on the spacers isn’t a problem. The inner race is what contacts the spacer. The outer race still spins. That’s how they are designed to work.

It’s like they manage to get in too tight until the outer race starts rubbing against it… So maybe if it was a little looser it would solve the problem

spacers don’t have an outer edge that protrude up. The plastic is your problem. Most likely a mold issue. your best bet is to send it in for a new one.

pics? ???