protostar w/spec broke

so i was throwing my protostar and the next thing i know it stops the bearing and it wasnt loud… at all couldnt hear a peep so i looked at it and it was crooked, i didnt overtighten it or anything and so how did it do this? it was almost like the bearing seat broke and i cant get the bearing out
i didnt hit it on the ground should i contact yye or yyf
oh yes and i switched out my yuukstas spec and put the center track in my yuuksta

You said the bearing was crooked; that’s probably because you switched the bearings. The Protostar bearing seat is designed for the center track bearing, and because you switched it out, the other one probably didn’t fit as good.

I’m sure your Protostar is fine. I’d just swap back in the center track bearing and you should be good to go.

i cant get the baring out or the axle

Try using plyers. Or if you’ve already tried that: Take an old string and wrap it around the axle, then screw the yoyo back together. Then unscrew it and the string should be under the bearing; just pull hard on the string and the bearing should fly out. [That only works sometimes, but you can still try something like that] I hope this helps.

thanks the string thing worked but now i see the problem the bearing seat and spacer broke like its dented in but its weird bc i never hit it on the ground when the spec was in

You are very wrong my good sir

My protostar has had everything from a yyj bearing to a 10ball and konkave. It’s not designed for the ct because the pgm uses the same spacers. But good try.

Just buy new spacers

sorry if i didnt explain it well… its not the spacers as much as where the spacers sit in its broken in under ill upload pics when i find my cam