protostar help

my protostars bearing seems to be stuck in the spacer and sometimes if i tug really hard on the yoyo will return to my hand

what do i do???

The bearing stuck in the spacers isn’t a problem and it isn’t causing the other problem. As for the second issue, it could that the bearing and pads need to be broken in more or it could be that the bearing needs some oil in it.

well I have only had it for a week so it probably just needs to be broken in

Not true with Protostars. This same thing happened with my friend’s Protostar. The spacer is put in the wrong way, maybe because it fell out and you put it in the wrong way. This is what’s making it responsive and causing the bearing to stick to the spacer.

In every Protostar I’ve seen the spacers have bee stuck on the bearing and they’ve all played great.

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The spacer getting stuck in the bearing is actually a measure put forth by yyf so it wouldn’t get lost since it is a plastic and more likely gonna be a good starter into unresponsive play. they weren’t made to do that but should it come out of the side it would get stuck in the bearing but it causes absolutely no problems.

then why my protostar has the spacers stuck in the halfs of the yoyo, not on the bearing?..

Sometimes it happens. It isn’t a problem so don’t worry about it, Andrew.