protostar emergency

i just got my protostar today, and it was really hard to screw it in. i didnt think anything of this, but i got a knot. when i unscrewed it, one of the spacers was lodged a little higher than the can i get the spacer out or fix this problem.

Just keep it in there and screw it back in.
You can untwist your string and place it into the gap and pull.
Hope this helps.

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This will help ya :wink:

I hope.

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Yep. That should work! Tyler you rule. :wink:

that worked for my grind machine

Dude, it didn’t work, you told me like a second ago. lol

:-[ my protostar spacers stay in the yoyo. i’ve never had mine come out. sorry to intrude but how to fix this?

Leave them there they arent hurting anything