Im not sure if this is the right place, but I will post here anyways.

I just ordered a red protostar, and it came in the mail today. so I opened the package, and put the string on. The first thing I noticed was the string felt really short. But thats not a biggie. The major problem was the protostar slept for 15 seconds, (trust me it was not my throw) and it was highly responsive. Please help.

By the way i dont have a bearing removal tool

I would just get a new bearing.

Maybe you should send a e-mail or message yoyoexpert about it

I have one but like i said the bearing is stuck to one of the spacers.

Order a bearing removal tool I guess, considering you don’t have one.

Do you have an old string laying around? Use the string trick to remove the bearing. You can see this on youtube. Works good, or at least worked fine for my ONE.

Maybe the bearing needs cleaning. Maybe it needs breaking in. Maybe it needs lube. Maybe it needs all three. Then again, it could just be a bad bearing. I maintain a small inventory of Terrapin X bearings for my yoyos, so if I have an issue I can just swap out, provided the yoyo uses a C-sized bearing(for the time being!)

Once the bearing is out, you can check YouTUbe again for how to remove a spacer of a YYF yoyo bearing. It’s easy and only requires a pin, some patience and some care. YYF made a video for it. I even downloaded it to have handy in my “yoyo video library”.


yyf has a video on how to remove spacers from the bearing. Essentially just put like a push pin in between the bearing and spacer. keep inching it out till it’s all the way off. (like how you remove a bearing, moving back and forth.)

Use the YYF video to remove the spacers. Then de-shield the bearing and properly clean it. Then check for any debris on the bearing seat, use a toothpick and run around the seat for any residue/dirt.

You don’t need a bearing. If people are going to buy a new bearing for such a little thing, well I should have 5 bearings and my friend should have 7 bearings. But my friend and I only have one each, and they play perfectly fine.

That video didn’t work for me. A thin knife works better then a thumb tack and it won’t fangs the spacers as much. Lube only makes the yoyo quiet and temporarily responsive (if applied properly) and isn’t neccesarie. I would clean the bearing however and check the spacers to see if they are to tight and preventing the bearing from spinning properly. In that case contact Yoyoexpert or buy some new spacers.

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Contact YYE. They have great customer service, mine had this problem and they sent me a new one, alon with some goodies. :slight_smile:

If cleaning the bearing and checking the spacers doesn’t solve your problem then contact yoyoexpert, they will be more than happy to help.

Please read the date on the previous post.

What about it? It’s only been 15 days since the OP. He may still be looking for advice. :slight_smile:

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Actually, I sent the yoyo back and ordered a popstar + 100 red strings. MeHappy.

The thread was dying, and he would have probably bumeped it if he was still looking for advice.