responsive protostar??

i changed my protostar pads and at first when i played with it it was ok and then it camed responsive and didnt got that nice spin time :’(

Try opening the yo-yo and spinning the bearing with your finger. Does it spin freely or does it feel stuck or anything?
Sometimes hair or string can get caught around it causing it to slow down too so check around there.

How long have you actually had the Protostar? This can be a normal part of the ‘break in’ process of the bearing. Many times a bearing as it smoothens out inside will hit a rough patch.
The more you use it the smoother the balls inside actually become so to get through the rough patch the best thing to do would be to continue to play with it.

Are the pads falling out or protruding into the gap at all? Look at it from the bearing view and let me know. If that is the case, try pressing them down into the recess harder.

Have you recently slammed it really hard on something because sometimes this can mess up the bearing

i think once u play them a bit they get better and lolw i am a bit amazed and happy lol that yye comented :slight_smile:

Yes, your just breaking the pads in, and/or the bearing.

It helps if you tap the bearing on a desk a lil’ bit. or it did for me. It has something to do with re-aligning the bearing cage. And when that break in time is over, add some thin lube.

Adding lube after breaking it in is like… counter-productive.

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Not exactly, depending if he already lubed it or not. From what i know, CTs are shipped DRY. Dry bearings= Loud Noises due to friction.

You dont need to break in dry bearings.
Break in a bearing = break down the lube. Its a term meant to be used in conditions where a company pre-lubes the bearing and you break it in instead of cleaning it.

i didnt break in the bearing it was already breaked in by my genesis

Im not talking to you, I was responding to Leo.

Meow, Mean much? lol just messing.


Right. The axle does not come out.

dang kk

Take a tisshue roll, wrap some around the axle then take a plier and twist it out.

No… dont. This is a Protostar. The Protostar’s axle is bolted into place and the caps do not come out.

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Listen to Mi. It’s a good idea.

Whats your problem? I used to have 3 Protostars and i can remove all of their axle