responsive protostar??

Only post June or so Protostars.

I dont get you. And i am serious, the protostar, pgm, counter attack, die-nasty does not use bolt and nut because i owned all so i tried taking out their axle to tune. They are a nit tight. And if u do not know, they all have allenkey hole to remove teir axle, just that sometimes the axle feces the other side which means the allenkey hole is going the wrong way

All Protostars can have their axle taken out, I should know, I have 3, all from different runs, and I can take all their axles out fine.

Same as me but i traded them all away.

According to my information Protostars had bolted in axles (Like my Northstar) until a certain run in June at which time they become unscrewable. Could you please disprove this for me? Thanks!

Where are you getting your information?

I got 1 from the 1st badge, then some badge idk when cos its 2nd hand and the latest one.
All axles can be removed.

…what??? that wasnt english

Still a blank

Nevermind. I just have to say that all protostars have removable axles.