Broken protostar

So i got my protostar a week ago and yesterday it broke, the “cap” if we can call it like this broke and so i glued it back together but the problem is that now the yoyo is vibrating at a point where its unplayable but what is weird is that its that the same thing would happen from overthigtening but i was atleast a half turn away from being at where i tighten it normaly (about an inch of difference between the arrows) i suspect it to be due to the spacer sticking out from something like 1 mm when screwing it toghter or maybe the axle screwing only on the sida that broke . But i was wondering if it already happened to one of you here ? And if someone would be awesome enough to send me his unbroken half ^^? But yeah what’s your story ?

The marks are there for a reason

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As i said i still needed 3/4 turn to get the mark to align i really don’t know why it broke

I’m guessing you went one rotation more then recommended. In other words you passes the mark then kept turning one more round

Yeah this could be possible but i didn’t feel any resistance because normally i stop as soon as there is resistance and this time it just decided to crack randomly , i sent a message to yyf to know what they think about that but still no answer

Sorry for double post but also in what would it change it’s stability ? Its just a small plastic piece i dont see why there is a change like this the axle just put pressure on the plastic and broke

So i did some experiment and what weird i that when i combine a sage (same thing as a onestar) half with a protostar half, broken or not it’s smooth as my protostar or any high end plastic but when i put proto half with proto half it’s unstable and noisy what the hell ?

Stability is how resistant a yoyo is to tilt. What you are referring to is vibe.

Can you post some pictures?

here is a photo : and i wasn’t sure if vibe meant vibration or sound produced by the bearing/air but now ill know for future reference


you overtightened it. read a guide in “maintenance and mods” section on tightening yoyos.

Maybe yoyofactory can hook you up

It’ll be fine. What’s broken is the part that doesn’t really affect the YoYo largely. That damage is the equivalent to a FHZ without caps. You’ll need to try tuning it. There’s a guide in the useful guides thread. Except in this case, rotate the nut instead of the axle. You’ll know what I mean when you read the guide. It’s the one about tuning FHZs.

I know this isn’t major but what’s weird is that when i tried screwing it it i didnt need to give any effort to get the arrow to align but i didn’t go further cause i tought maybe it might crush the bearing so i started playing with it and had a lot of vibe commpared to normal when i will be able i’ll show a video but does anyone have an idea of what could be the cause and how to fix it ?

Oups sorry didnt read your post to the end im going to see that

I think the cause was when you screwed it together, the axle pressed against the plastic, forcing it to crack and fall out.

Sorry to see you’re having problems with your Protostar. I have seen this happen before with the Protostar but it is usually the result of putting the yo-yo together without one of the spacers or really over tightening it or something like that. Did you buy it from us? If so give us a call or send an email and we can help you out!



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