The axle in my Protostar was starting to need to be screwed in a little, but when I screwed it in, part of the cap thing that says PROTOSTAR snapped/cracked and fell off! I am also noticing a pulsing vibe. It sucks though because I just got it Sunday. So I was wondering, what are some stupid things you’ve done with your yoyos?

Did you over tighten it? If you didn’t, you should be able to send it back and get a new one. A stupid thing that I have done is not check my yoyo string, and do around the world. The string snapped, and flew at my window. Luckily, the glass didn’t break.

You don’t really need the YYF multi-tool to take apart or re-assemble a Protostar.

haha. i pulled of the hubstack on my grind machine and broke the o ring.

Playing with my just purchased Peterfish Dominator, using the longer string packaged with it, I went to regenerate it and slammed it right into the laminate floor in the living room. The hub busted out on it rendering the $2 looper useless. That’s probably why it was set up originally with the shorter string. The second Peterfish Dominator (since I bought a pair of them) remains unopened almost 2 years later and I have no intentions on opening it anytime soon.

I was throwing next to my grill and my battosai hit the tongs. Left a small nick, very bummed :’(

I broke the fluorescent light in my room twice.