YYF Severe, I need major help please guys :)

Okay, so I’m gonna do my best to describe the situation I’m going through. It’s hard to describe but I will do my best. Okay so here goes…

This past Saturday I received my yyf Severe from YYE shop, from the get go of pulling the Yoyo out of the yyf box it wasn’t tightened down; so I throw it and it just went flying even tho the string was wounded tight it almost felt as if the string didn’t even unwind, kind of the same feel you get throwing a PSG where you throw sideways and it just unwinds so weird when you throw it. I honestly can’t even explain it, feels like a empty throw not like a regular throw where you can almost feel the Yoyo string unwind. Does that make any sense? Hope so.

So next I decide I want to take he caps off, so I unscrew it for the first time, I had a hard time getting caps off but finally they got off. I to to unscrew the severe back together and after you get to a certain point to where its almost screwed in it starts to feel like you might be over tightening it, almost as if the halves are spinning but not actually tightening. It’s Weird, so now I’m confused, Im stuck because it will not stop pulsating, it’s flabergasted me off. I’ve taken apart my protostar so many times an it doesn’t pulsate anywhere near as much as te severe.

It like a pulse,smooth,pulse,smooth etc Etc while the severe spins.

Do I need to put white plumber tape on te axle? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I just feel as if I’ve heard so many people say its smooth which is why I ever even bought the severe. Now I’m wishing I had bought 50$ worth of string instead lol

I can post pictures if needed


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It sounds like you cross threaded it and stripped the axle, I had a first run protostar same situation, unscrewed first time and never went back together right. and would pulsate.

do the finger test, put your finger into the catch area will it is pinning

if you striped an axel go to home depo and find a set screw the same size( also bring the yoyo to make sure it fits) also it may be how you throw

That only works if the threads in the yoyo aren’t stripped. Usually they will strip before the axle threads do since the axles are usually hardened steel.

Sounds like the threads of the yoyo are stripped, or the plastic around the metal insert stripped.

Or somethings stripped. :wink:

It’s not stripped I know what it would look like if it were stripped
Anyways should I use Teflon tape? Honestly from the first throw severe sucks pulse is horrible and I can promise you it’s not my throw.

So you can verify that the axle is not stripped. What about the threads in the body?
OK, try the teflon tape, or Loctite.

Yes the threads inside the Yoyo are also not stripped. I put Teflon on it and its working better but I’m prolly gonna try and get a refund or send it back of possible. I haven’t over tighten it at any point or anything Ive taken good care of every throw I’ve ever had I’ve taken my proto apart plenty of times and never once had it pulse this bad. Ill just deal with it tho, count it as a loss

does it still play good, mine does something similar but it plays almost as good as my gnarwhal

Contact yye and they will send you a replacement.

Yeah they are I just shipped it out today. I don’t think I want a replacement I rather have string lol