Well, my Superstar was working fine, and then one time I unscrewed it to get a knot out, and then when I tried to screw it back it took way more pressure to screw it together than it did before. I managed to screw it back together, and it works fine, but I’m afraid it might do something to the bearing seat. Is this normal? Should I worry about it and leave it alone? Or if not, what can I do to help it? Thanks

Stripped the threads?

I’m pretty sure I didn’t. I checked the axle and the threading. They’re all fine and the way it was when I got the yoyo.

Sorry for double posting, but I would really like some answers before my SuperStar gets really dusty.

Your yoyo is ruined, I’m sorry.

I’ll trade you a Lunatic for it.

Just messin’.

Well, a lot of times, YYFs (any yoyos really) will sometimes do this. Not really sure of a cause (sorry) but it is, in most cases, normal. See if you can unscrew it normally and screw in normally. If you can, everything is fine. :slight_smile:

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Thanks, I can, but I just have to use more force than I did before.

Which is fine, as long as it doesnt feel like it is going in loosely. Thats when you know you overtightened

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So it’s fine even though I have to screw it up super tight to get it all the way?


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OK, thanks for being of help Q!

As Q said, Yes, this is normal. This happened to my 09’ 888. Nothing was wrong with it. I’m not sure what causes this, or why it happens, but it is totally normal. Don’t worry about it :slight_smile:

My NorthStar did that but the side with out the bearing the metal part actually came out and stuck to my bearing it worked fine but it took a little more screwing then normal but mine came off after a while i just kept playing with it cause that was the only 1a yoyo i had