What am I doing wrong?

I HAD a DM2 and a Duncan Raptor… But the axle keeps stripping out the nut or it just won’t screw back together again. I wasn’t trying anything extreme. I just unscrewed it, replaced yoyo string, (fixed knot on other) and when I try to screw back together POOF its all messed up. I’m very. Very pissed off right now. That is 75 dollars downs the drain. And both of these events happened within a week of each other. I haven’t even had my Raptor for 2 weeks yet. I need to know what the fuck is going on before this happens to my Yuuksta. If it does happen to my yuuksta I’m gonna quite yo-yoing because it’s just plain too expensive at that point and I don’t want to quit.

My guess would be one of two things:

  1. When you screw the yoyo halves back together, you’re not lining the threads up correctly. This causes the threads to basically change shape. Thus, it’s stripped.

  2. The other possibility is that you are over tightening the yoyo. If you tightened the yoyo to much it deforms the threads.


For 1. Often when you start screw the halves together, turn the halves the opposite way, like you’re loosening the yo. If you go slow enough you will fill the threads kind of fall into place. Also make certain the halves are not tilted in relationship to one another. Start screwing them together slowly, if it feels forced AT ALL stop and realign.

For 2. After you have started the threads, screw the yoyo together by placing the yoyo between the palms of your hands and twisting. Do not hold the yo with your fingers. Just press the palms of your hands together squeezing the yoyo between them. When the yoyo starts slipping when you try to twist it, it’s tight enough most likely.

I hope that helps.

^^^^ This should pretty much answer your problems.

Unscrewing your yo-yos isn’t really required for replacing string or undoing knots. To replace the string twist open the string at the loop end to make a hole that the yo-yo can fit inside and put the string on or take it off that way. To undo knots use a toothpick or safety pin or something of that size/shape to pick at the string. You’ll get used to both of these methods rather quickly and will have less risk of stripping threads or the axle becoming loose from constant screwing. I usually unscrew for bearing and response maintenance only.

All responses are proper procedure. Everything with yoyo is patience frustration will cause further damage and kindly watch the language. Thanks.

Fixed. Sorry, I’m a grammar freak, and that was one long run-on.

To the OP: How often do you unscrew/screw your yo-yos?

Maybe just a comma was in order…