Stripped Yuuksta half

To put it short I think that one half of my yuuksta is stripped. I can screw the axle into one side perfectly fine, the other side it just keeps turning, I’ve tried using teflon tape but it hasn’t achieved much success, it still turns but it’s sort of playable with that sound it makes when your yoyo unscrews during play and that it unscrews if i so as much tap the wrong half. Kind of strange that it stripped since it was playing fine this morning then I left it somewhere and came back it was stripped.

So any ideas on what I could do?

You could try some thread lock like loctite, but the best solution is to retap the holes for a slightly larger screw size.

I got this same exact problem with my raptor yesterday. What I advise is not to make it worse and just send it to a modder to have it re-tapped. I tried the loctite on it and it just made it worse.
Hope this helps, and I hope you can get your yoyo working!

Pretty impossible for sending it to a modder as I don’t know of any machinists here in Singapore. And I’m trying to avoid loctite after it failed on my stripped L3 axle.

if there is a yoyo company near you ask the owner if they can do it

happened to my raptor just dont unscrew it alot it was my first yoyo (rookie mistake)

I suggest sending it in to one of your local singapore store.
I’m pretty sure if you guy’s have Yoyo competitions and Yoyo Online stores theirs bound to be one somewhere.
Of course you could try doing it yourself but I wouldn’t attempt it.
You could always send it to a modder in the USA if you’re really that desperate
But like you said you don’t know any Modders in Singapore so your pretty much screwed unless your willing to do it by yourself or send it to a Modder in USA/Asia/Somewhere ?

If you know someone with access to a lathe, they can do it fairly easily.
Doesn’t have to be a modder.

This happend to me to wut u want to do is get a duncan like freehand 2 throw monkey or fliying squirrel u get the axel and make a new axle systems by puting the nut and keep truning with teo plier in the yuuksta and turn like hell

I’m sorry, I don’t understand what you are saying. Could you please repeat in English.

I think he was saying to get a new longer axle and then put it in the side that works then push it all the way through the side that’s striped then tighten a bolt down on it… At least that’s what I got out of it.

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Well thanks, but I’d really like for him to interpret what he said. Something might be lost is your translation.

I don’t doubt it. :wink:

The axle hole is open but that doesn’t mean I can screw it all the way through… it doesn’t work like a duncan.

Wait, this is not the first time you got your axle stripped?

strip both sides then do it like i said think a duncan.

What on earth are you talking about.

@Rizki Yeah this is the second time I’ve had a yoyo strip. However that one was when the threads on my L3 stripped, the loctite didn’t really work and when i took it out after using it the black coating on the L3 axle came off and worsened the situation to the point i could stick it into the L3 and take it out without having to turn at all. This time with the yuuksta. the threads on the inside of the half stripped, the axle seems to be fine.

Hmm, next time make sure you don’t overtight your yoyos. Stripping two yoyos already is a sign that you’re overtighting them. The rule of thumb on how to avoid overtighting is to put your yoyo on your palm and tighten it with the other hand, don’t push it, just twist. Once the side on your palm is sliding, then it should be enough. You may test to undo the result to see if this method is really securing the yoyo together.
I think you should be able to find a place to rethread them for you. Rethreading the axle doesn’t have to be too precise, as the bearing and the bearing seat is what actually holding both side of the yoyo together. If you have a friend who studied engineering, or at least people who have access to cnc lathe should be able to do it for you. If somehow you’re out of luck, you can contact Revyolution, a yoyo maufacturer from Indonesia. I believe they can help you.
good luck!

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Good advice, rizki_yoist.

One minor correction - you don’t need a CNC lathe for this. Any decent metal working lathe will work.