Skyline Help!!!

I need help with fixing my YYF skyline. The part where the axle screws into is stripped. I have no idea how to fix it! PLEASE HELP ME!!!

There’s a guy named Landon Balk who specializes in modding yoyos and is frequently used to fix this kind of thing. You could try contacting him, I’m sure it wouldn’t be too expensive to fix.

You could also try contacting YYE, if you purchased it from here or even YYF to see if they could be of any help.

Just relax in the meantime… you’ll be fine. And don’t overtighten your yoyos.

If you ordered it from YYE, I’d get in contact with them first. They’re usually great at resolving these sort of issues. Otherwise, get in touch with YYF and see if they can offer you a quick fix or a replacement throw.


Quick redneck fix, buy some JB Weld, and epoxy the axle into the stripped side.

OK first off calm down, now do you have something called thread lock?
Its this white tape-like stuff that comes on a roll. If you do then cover one side
Of the axle with it and screw it in to the side that is stripped.

^^^ doesn’t actually do anything if threads are completely stripped. Plus, that’s called Teflon tape. Not thread lock.

Buy taps drill out the old threads if any remain and do that to both sides tap it. Then buy a new axle and our done

There is not precision with just using a drill, this is a job for a lathe.

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im so used to say drill out because I use a milling machine which gives you strait cuts sorry for the confusion

Anyway, I don’t think the yoyo can be tapped, there isn’t enough metal in the post, the metal there is very thin since it uses an A sized bearing.

oh good point

Try taking out the axel, flipping it around, and screwing the axel back in, the other side in the other half as before. It’s worked on 2 yoyos for me. More of a temp fix.