Is this what a stripped axle is?

I was just playing with my Horizon and I had to unscrew it to flip my bearing around. As I was screwing it back on I might have over-tightened it and threads of the metal on my 8mm fell off. I tried to screw it back after and it would not let me. Now my Horizon is just sitting in my room, unplayable, and hoping to be fixed~

Do I have to buy a new axle? If so, where can I obtain one for cheap?

If it’s just the axle you can buy a replacement one; easy fix.

If it’s the inner threads of the yoyo :-\ Be more careful when it comes to unscrewing. I unscrew my yo-yos twist by twist, very slowly, only about 10x a year.

If it really is the inner threads of the yoyo that’s stripped you could consider getting it retapped by a moderator but it might not be worth it.

Shoot, jhb a message, he’s a moderator :wink:

Yeah, I can fix it right up. I got a 1/4-20 tap I’ve been dieing to try. :smiley:


What do the inner threads specifically look like? Sorry, I’m pretty much new to axles.

Hmmm… right now there doesn’t seem to be anymore of those YYF 8mm axles in stock. Is there a quicker way I can obtain one instead of going online or is it just this one solution?

Go to the hardware store and buy a stock set screw the same size. That’s what they are, there’s nothing magic about them. If you can’t get a set screw of the right size, buy a common screw and cut the head off. Smooth the cut end with a fine file or coarse stone.

They look just like the threads on the axle, only inside out. :smiley:

Look in the hole, there should be ridges, which are the threads.

Did you purchase the Horizon from us? If so, send us an email or give us a call. We are usually able to repair these types of things.

Hello. I indeed purchased the Horizon from here; however, I think the problem with it is just the axle itself, being stripped down from the top. I just need to find the 8mm axles that fit into my Horizon, but I see that none are currently in stock in the shop.

How do you know that? have you removed it from the shell? If so, are the threads on the axle gone? Compare the threads on the side you think is stripped with the other end. Then turn the axle around and screw that side into the shell that does not tighten. If it still doesn’t tighten in that side, then the threads in the shell are most likely stripped. My bet is on the shell threads being stripped. The axle is steel, the shell is aluminum which will strip far easier than the steel axle.

Exactly what jhb said.  99% of the time it is the threads in the yo-yo that strip because the steel axle is a stronger metal.  The few times I have seen the axle actually strip is when someone has used pliers and completely messed up the axle threads. If the axle looks fine then it is the inner threads in the yo-yo.

We are out of yyf 8mm axles but you can purchase the c3 axles as a replacement.  They are both m4 8mm and will be the same size:

It’s your call, if you would like to purchase a new axle and see if it works that’s great, or you can just send it in for us to take a look at.  We are here to help.

I’ll consider trying to send it to you guys if that’s fine. I don’t want to mess up anything.

Some pics of the damage could help us let you know the type of damage.

They are not the best quality pictures. I’ve checked the inner shell where the axle is supposed to screw in and everything seems okay. The axle, however, does not look as well as it did out of the box.

Gonna need more than a new axle. Here’s how threads of a half are supposed to look. Notice how they are much sharper and cleaner than what you have. You stripped the threads out of the throw, meaning that if you were to even get a new axle, there would be nothing for the new axle to catch and hold on to. by wcyoyospirit, on Flickr


Ok, I’ll try to PM a Mod to send my Horizon for repairs.

Yeah and honestly, I only unscrew my yo-yos like 15x a year, probably much less than that number. And when I do unscrew them, I do it very carefully, twist by twist.

Looks like the threads stripped and then you may have use pliers to try to get the axle out and stripped that as well? Can’t imagine how the threads in the yo-yo and the threads on the axle would get stripped otherwise.

Send us an email or call and we can try to repair it for you.

That actually might have been what happened, heh. I’ll send in an email today

I have done this same thing before. If you look closely the axel isn’t stripped but has the aluminum from the yoyo in between the steel threads. You have stripped the side and it needs to be re-tapped if it can be… I still had a few threads left so I just used a threading tool and sent it down to clean out the remaining aluminum and then screwed it back together. Worked for me but re-tapping is a delicate process and almost always you have to use a bigger re-tapping bit to make new threads which then leaves you with the axle not fitting. Good luck.