Anyone able to fix a stripped yoyo?

I have a space cowboy that I believe got stripped. It hit tile extremely hard and possibly bent the axle a bit. When I went to take the axle out, I had to force it a bit because it felt like it just wasn’t coming straight out. I believe the threading on the inside of the yoyo got stripped in the process of taking the bent axle out. Is there anyone who offers a service to fix this? How much would it cost me?

Do you have another axle to test the threads? Also did you just visually check the threads with a flashlight or something?

Yeah, I bought a new axle to try it out and was having the same problem. I could easily put it into one side, but the other side wouldn’t screw in right. I checked it out with a flashlight, but I’m not too sure how to tell if it’s stripped by looking at it.

You may want to contact YoYoFactory to see if there is any kind of remedial help for this. It is one of their Higher-End Variants, so I wouldn’t imagine they’d just leave rowing your boat with one ore. That Thread Stripping Axle Wont Go In One Of The Aluminum Halves is one of the errors that really can’t be corrected without the help of somebody who has the proper Equipment and overall Money to do a correction of that magnitude.

Somebody else may chime in who has had more experience with this issue but that is probably one of the best avenues you’re looking at besides shelving the Yo-Yo.

This is actually my second space cowboy that got stripped. First one wasn’t my fault, it just happened. This time I screwed up the axle so not sure if they would take it back. They replaced it the first time, but I don’t want to be asking too much if it’s not necessary.

Oh man… :-\ Good luck man.

Be more careful in the future lol. The only throw I’ve ever semi stripped was an 888x when I was 13.

Yeah I’ll try lol… It is prone to stripping though since the axle is so small, I think I’ve just got unlucky though.

Shoot me a PM :slight_smile:

If you bought the Space Cowboy from us we would be happy to take a look at it for you. Just send an email or give us a call and we can help you out.

Thanks Garrett, but I bought it directly from yyf. I’ll send them an email and see what they reccomend before I move forward.