Two stripped yoyos, what do?

A while back, i stripped 2 yoyos, a x3 seed and a silly goose for recrev

I imagine it could either be the axle or the actual yoyo inside.

So I suppose I would have too find out if its 1 or the other?

Im willing to buy a new axle, but pfft id never go out of my way to re thread the thing.

All in all, my question is are these even fixable? or r they duds.

Just pull the axle. It will be obvious if it’s stripped. However, since most axles are steel and these yoyos are aluminum, the chances that it’s the axle and not the bodies is nil. Given the price of those yoyos, particularly the Seed, I’d look at getting them rethreaded.

If your axles look like they still have all of their threads, then the internal threads of the yoyo are stripped. If the axle looks like it’s threads are messed up, then the axle is stripped. Chances are, if the axle is stripped, then the internal yoyo threads aren’t in great shape either. This is because the axle is made out of steel, which is a much stronger material than the aluminium which the yoyo is made out of. So when a stripped/deformed axle is screwed into the yoyo, the steel axle will deform the softer aluminium yoyo threads.

Identifying stripped threads on an axle is pretty easy. If the threads look clean, like the axles in this picture, then the axle is alright. If there are missing threads, or if the threads are crushed or deformed, then the axle is stripped and you should buy a new axle immediately and refrain from screwing the stripped axle into the yoyo body.

most yoyos can be retaped, but it’ll cost you. I believe some yoyo modders charge about $25 to retap a yoyo. Retaping a yoyo involves cutting new, larger threads so that a new axle can be put into the yoyo. If a yoyo has an axle that is already large, then there might not be enough space to put new threads in. Putting in a new, larger, heavier axle will also change how the yoyo plays.

My advice: Move on, and buy a new yoyo. It will be much less of a hassle. If you’re very attached to those two particular yoyos, maybe consider getting them retapped.

If you are willing to risk it (for learning purpose), you can try retapping yourself.

I’d see if you could get a new pair of nubs for the silly goose since they’re replaceable

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Did you buy them from us? if so just give us a call or send us an email and we can help you out!

We are usually able to fix most stripped yo-yos or even replace them if it was a recent order.


Oh snap, i sure did! I might be in contact.

I believe yoyospirit is also looking to buy stripped yoyo’s so that’s another option.