HELP - stripped axle


i striped my qixia ultimate soldier axel what can i use to replace the axel

srry i was rushing and kinda freaking out due to its my primary throw


Replace…what? You should really finish your sentences.

Replace it with a new one. They’re like, what, $12? Your only other options are to get it re-tapped (which will cost more than $12) or super glue that sonuva gun.


the axel srry i was rushing when typing


Go to a hardware store with your yoyo and your stripped axle and find a replacement.

Slow down when typing. It doesn’t take that much extra effort to capitalize, form a sentence and use punctuation.


Wait did you mess up the axle itself or the threaded axle hole?


the hole is fine, just the axel i messed it up after it got stuck crooked in the hole


Are you sure? Did you flip the axle around and that other side went in fine? Did you note thread damage to the side of the axle in question? If those are true, then yes, new axle. Go to hardware store and look for set screws.


Andre Boulay says there is something you can get at a hardware store. Put some on the axle should fix it , unless it super “Stripped”


What’s that something?



Yeah…no offense…but that’s really no help unless you know what “something” is. Like If I said " I know the secret of the universe! It is…something. Sorta like trolling…


That’s why I told them what it was. :wink:


If the yoyo itself is stripped, just buy a new one, they’re super cheap.

(Owen) #13

Haha my Genesis is stripped too (The Yoyo itself) how could I fix that? With the tape stuff?

Haha I didn’t want to make a new thread :wink:


What’s a “striped axle”?


A striped axle has stripes on it

A stripped axle like the are talking about means that the threads are broken making it impossible to screw the yoyo together


Check out the maintain your yoyo video to find out that ““Somthing””