any way to fix a throw with a striped axle?

any way to fix a throw with a striped axle?

It has to be retapped, you can drill a new hole into it that is bigger. Requires a thicker axle afterward, and you probably have to know what you’re doing

Can i like, send it to a manufacturer? its a pricy one…

Idk about the manufacturer, but Landon balk of 3yo3 can retap axle holes

nice sig joke! and i understand binary!

How long have you had the throw? I suggest contacting who you purchased the yoyo from if you believe it was not your fault the yoyo was stripped. Could try the manufacturer as well.

Wow, a striped axle?

or at least the hole where it goes.

List of Trustworthy Modders

A couple of people on that list do that type of work.

Haha thanks.

Yeah, forgot about that list.

depends if the threads are stopped or if it’s just the axle. Cause if it’s an axle one then you can just buy a new axle.

i need to recap some axle holes… can anyone do it?


i msged landon balk awhile ago but never got a reply…

Landon Balk is really good. You did a good job with contacting him. If you texted instead of emailed him, try emailing. He’s usually pretty good at getting to those.

I, myself, can not do it, sorry. But, I am trying to help, so good luck.

yoyo spirit should be able to help also if you give scooter mcgavin pm he also might help

I can tap threads, but Scooter is our resident genius for mods, he will probably be a lot more useful than I will

Is… is there something wrong with me…?


Yeah, you need to get fixed.

Seems like everyone’s forgotten about me…