stripped axle hole


i stripped the hole not the axle, by accident.
what can i do now? it’s ruined?



Couple options, some are better than others.

You can try teflon taping the axle, if it’s not stripped too bad. It could hold the axle tight, but most likely it’ll vibe something awful.

You could also try glue instead of the axle, but I don’t suggest it. Use this as a ‘last resort’.

It needs to be retapped. There are some great modders who can do that, but many are located in the US and I’m not sure it would be economically viable to ship a yoyo + payment for the retapping to the US and then back to Israel. Not sure what the shipping rates are there (or custom charges/taxes), but I’d imagine it’s a lot, especially nowadays.

Another user on here had success using an M4-sized screw in a drill and was able to successfully retap it. You could try messaging him for some help. His username on here: yoyospirit.

Good luck.


thank you



I wouldn’t recommend doing it the way I did ;D I was just bored and it happened to work.


so what can i do?
what about epoxy glue?


sorry about the double


What Yoyo is it?
@Sniffyo on twitter


Find someone at a machine shop, if there are very many where you live, and ask them to help. They might do it for free considering it’s a toy. Especially if you are of a young age. they tend to do things like that for free for kids. Some do anyway.


its a yyf supernova