:frowning: I so dumb! I stripped my screw! Dang it! Anyone know if there’s a way to fix it or something? Cause my dad says we have to ship it in again and ask for a replacement T.T

By screw do you mean axle? If it is your axle, you can just go to a hardware store and buy a headless screw that fits the yoyo. If they don’t have a headless screw, you can get a normal screw and cut the top off.

If it’s the yoyo, you can send it to Landon Balk and pay him 20$ to fix it, if it’s the axle, take it to a hard ware store and find another axle of the same size, or buy a bolt and cut the right length then smooth the part you cut. If you stripped the axle yourself, then the manufacturer can’t really replace it, what yoyo is this?

Yomega Highspeed Maverick…
Well… yeah I mean the axle sorry >.<

Sorry for the double post but yes, I stripped it myself… I tightened the yo yo too much…

If it’s a Maverick, just get a new one, they’re only 30$.

Lol my mom and dad think yoyos should only be 5$ XD So they were very hesitant about getting it when I told them about it before Christmas >.< They kept telling me I need to get the Classic yo yos back then like the Duncan Butterfly

Better yet, get a non yomega yoyo, like a C3 Alpha Crash.

Haha! My dad is going to try and get it out though! A lot of people have been suggesting Alpha Crash to me…!

Seriously dude, just get a whole new yoyo and you won’t have to worry about all these issues you keep bringing up.

I would reccomend:
C3 Alpha Crash
YYF ProtoStar
YYF Severe
YYF Dv888
C3 DiBase
C3 Capless

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Maybe a better yoyo for you would be the Adegle PSG, for 13$, it comes in some great colors, and chances are, you won’t have any problems with the axle on this.


I agree. I still think Yomega is a great brand for the price range though.

Psg is great for the price

I can fix it if you want to lol

My Boss Dad got it fixed ^^ So lucky!

Yomega dash is a lil bit better, cost me $10 at amazon, I bought a maverick for $10 also at toys r us because it was hung under a $10 price tag.


It’s 20.70 now

After reading the posts above and realizing the screw was threaded on both sides, he was able to back out the axle and thus reengage the threads deeper then the stripped threads on the other hub. But he also said, buying a longer double threaded screw would have worked as well.

(My dad typed all that up above… So yeah… If you don’t understand it that’s fine >.<)

That will only last a while. Buy a longer axle, and glue the axle into the side that’s stripped.