blood brother problems! :'(

i won a blood brother yoyo from totalartists contests, and it was awesome! i unscrewed it a couple times to test which bearing i should use for it. now it doesnt screw together anymore! i know it isnt fully stripped, because it screws together without a bearing. im assuming its partially stipped, beacause it doesnt screw togeth WITH the bearing. im not sure what the problem is. help me! i MIGHT be able to post pics and even a video if my friends cool with be borrowing his stuff. THANKS!

Sounds as if it got stripped.

Send it to Landon Balk, he’s great at tapping yoyos.

Also, it stinks that it stripped. :’(

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This makes me sad :-[

Sorry, I’ve no suggestions for you man, but I wish you luck getting this fixed.

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Longer axle?

I took it apart and put it back together in the Youtube video posted, no problems.  I’m trying to grasp the problem fully, is it this?

If so, I can send you the stuff he recommends, or send the funds for you to get it, if you think that will solve the problem.  Not sure I understand the concept of stripped fully.  Are the axle threads stripped, the threads in the yo-yo, or both?

Take a look at the video and PM me.

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This isn’t sounding like it came from you with a problem as he’d opened it up a few times before. I think he stripped the threads by accident.

I recommend contacting Landon Balk. He’s the only place I would go to in order to get this taken care of. I also think that it’s excessively generous that the seller is willing to be out of pocket to correct this issue.

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If all that’s needed is a longer axle I can cut one and send it to you.

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Longer axles probably won’t fix anything. It is probably cross threaded, or stripped. Tapping is your best option.

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He said it still screws together without the bearing.

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thank you all for the offers, but yoyospirit, will a longer axle fix things does it fit?and yes guys, landon balk is awsome, he fixed my skyline before. also before it wouldnt screw together, there was a curled metal wire stuck to the axle, which i removed, and the thread in the yoyo is partially removed i think. the axle is intact. ;D


If what you said is true, that the yoyo will still screw together without the bearing in, then a longer axle might solve this problem.

awesome, how much would it cost?

I’ll ship you one for free! I just need to know somethings about the yoyo first, pm me.

The same thing happened to my C3YoyoDesign Sceptre. One side has about 3 threads smoothed out. It screws without the SPR Kit and the bearing.

I bought the stuff referred to in the video, it’s called lock tite thread lock. I’ll send it along too, just in case.

I would recommend instead using either Krazy Glue or JB Weld for a stripped half. JB Weld is much stronger. If you want the longer axle, put a dab of either glue/epoxy on the axle, then screw the axle into the stripped hole, for extra strength, make sure the axle is very tightly held in by using a pair of pliers. For JB Weld, wait over night of the epoxy to dry, or for Krazy Glue, you can use it immediately.

Could you tell me where to put the glue?

Like specifically where on the axle you drop it on?

Either half of the axle, just make sure you put it on the half where you want the axle to be screwed in.

Yoyospirit, did you get a chance to diagnose it via PMs? Was the half damaged, or the axle? Just curious. This lock tite stuff seems to recreate the threads, and allow it to screw in where it should, without gluing the axle in. The axle could still be removed with this stuff. Seems like a neat product.