stripped axle

ok so ive stipped 4 axles already any tips for them not to strip

First of all, don’t try to screw together different yoyos if you aren’t sure they’ll fit. Also, if you have to remove the axle, you’re probably using just pliers, which will strip the threads almost indefinitely, unless you do it just right. Also, before you screw the yoyo all the way together, make sure that it’s in correctly so that the threads aren’t misaligned with the other half of the yoyo.

Axles strip when you use them. If you don’t wat to strip them, don’t screw/unscrew them at all. But then you’d be in trouble if you got a knot. If they do get stripped, add some teflon tape or blue threadlocker to rebuild the friction.

regular use shouldnt strip an axle mostly because the aluminum is softer than the axle (steel).

now what yoyo are you using that you keep stripping axles? dont over tighten the axle with an allen wrench or scew together the halves as hard as you can. your problem is probably the threads on the yoyo are stripped that is much more likely because the steel (unless its truly horrible but even then) is harder than the aluminum.

Then if it’s a plastic, it’s likely to have a nut/insert made of steel.

yyj uses a brass insert, brass is a bit harder than aluminum but steel is much harder. if its set up like a fhz or project with a nut and bolt (or a set screw and two nuts in the case of a p2 or project) thats a very easy fix.

put duct tape around it then twist it out

Make sure you know what you are talking about before giving advice. This advice is totally wrong.

Loctite is not to rebuild friction as you call it. Its to lock the threads (basically glue them) in place.
Teflon tape may help but only for a little while.

I think the best thing you can do is either pay close attention to when you are putting the yoyo back together or when you get the yoyo tight just don’t go too far with it. All you need is slightly snug.

well i have some advise on not how to not kill your threads. You will need a set of allen wrenches or just the kind that will fit into the the little hole at the top ( i found this out when i was satining my yoyo), so just put it in there and twist it out. When your satining your yoyo i recomend you put something like a rag over the axle before tightening it

Good post. I didn’t even think of him ruining the threads with pliers.


i use a freehand and the first axle snapped in half

How? I’ve never had anything like that happen to me. I’ve been throwing for a while now too.

did it just snap in half when you threw it??? its metal i dont see how that could happen

im in percussion and im all wrist

Umm what does this have to with snapping an axle? It sounds like somehow hitting percussion instruments has something to do with it, but I’m very confused.

dont over tighten wen you unscrew the yoyo dont twist dont pull hope that helps